There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

Work for commas, not for dots

Recently, I am hearing something particular a lot. Either all or nothing. Everyone around me or my friends abroad demanding the same from everything and everyone in their lives. They demand certainty. But by doing that they are skipping a lot of things in the middle. They don't want to hear or experience the things in the middle. Almost like a yes/no proposition.

A single question, 1 answer.

Are we really willing to say “Yes or No” just like that? Unconditionally? Implicitly? You won’t always be 100% sure about the things you will need to make a decision about. So, work in between comes to play, aka “Maybe”.

Maybe is the comma. Put the work in first. Put shit loads of commas(Maybes)in between the dots. Then you will be able to say Yes or No. Without putting the work in, you will be so unfamiliar, inexperienced, and unsure. I understand, sometimes the nature of events will require you to making a decision quickly. Things happen the way they happen.

But don’t you feel a little down when you fail to deliver when you already said yes to the things you have asked? Experience this situation more than once and you might experience some cracks in your self-confidence. So its no joke.

Let's see if you really gonna be able to put up with everything that comes up with it. Sacrifices, after hours, giving yourself to it. Are you really ready to go hard on that? Because we all know that if it's a yes, you gotta go big. Yes is never just a yes and a no is never just a no. It’s a whole big process, it's a painting of a big picture presented by 3 letters.

Here is another scenario for you, You say No. Absolutely and Clearly. What if you regret it? What if you wished to say Yes? Your cool ass “All or Nothing” will melt you big time unless you don't care outcomes and all you care about making

Started thinking more now haven't you? There you go…

Without making sense out of smaller details, the commas, you will be on a free fall if you let yourself committed to situations. Working on them commas first, deal with dots later.

The result of wars will be determined by either the battles you win or the lessons you learn from your losses.