Without this Communication is not the key

There is one particular saying super popular recently about all kinds of relationships that everyone is raving about.

It is, “Communication is the key”. Well, whoever said that is just painted half of the canvas for us really. Communicating is the start at the best for expressing yourself and trying to make the other person understand where you are coming from.

But you know what, no matter how good or effective you communicate, it's as good as how much that person can understand you. Could be very effective or could be a complete waste of time.

Without comprehension of others, communication is not powerful.

This could be a little tricky though. Not everyone wants to understand what the other person is trying to make them understand. It could be because of the way they express themselves, choosing the wrong channel, or something else.

For instance, if you communicate your issue with aggressiveness or tense, probably other people will be defensive and it won't get you anywhere and they won't even try to understand you or if you sending messages about the issue rather than direct communication(Face-to-Face, phone call..etc), that probably won't be effective either.

Of course, It would be doing too much if we both do the initiator of communications and also assisting for comprehension. But in some situations, it is needed. You can communicate all you want, but if the other person doesn't understand where you are coming from, what's the point?

There are different types of comprehensions:

1-Literal: Stated facts. Specifics, obvious reasons, traits.

2-Inferential: Build on facts. Explaining yourself by almost like answering questions start with how and why.

3- Evaluative: Judgement of fact or opinion. Validity, comparison, cause & effect.

Communication for the tip-off

Comprehension for the W.


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