The Separation Point

We are all busy and occupied in our ways. Inevitably, more than 1 way. We all have major responsibilities and minor responsibilities. What we can call major responsibilities are the responsibilities that help us to survive, help us to feel alive, and gives us satisfaction and motivation. It may differ from person to person. For instance, I consider my major responsibilities are, my job, this blog, family and close friends, and my workout routines. If I don’t spend time in any of them or If I am failing on any of then, it will give me anxiety for real. When you feel like this in the things you are situated into, that’s how you know that’s a major responsibility.

Minor responsibilities are much less significant according to us and we don’t give importance to them or we tend to delay them. So when they eventually happen we might not accomplish them in the way they supposed to be accomplished. Most of the time we just do it because they just needed to be done. Most likely, our performance in them is much lower compared to our major responsibilities.

Regardless it’s major or minor, they have one thing in common.

It will never be enough if we just do them to finish them. Just to complete the task but nothing more. Have we ever try to add more and give more. What counts is, the amount of extra effort we put after we complete the task. The extra hours, extra work, and sacrifice we are putting into.

If you are not competitive, seek self-improvement or ambitious person (which is fine), then never mind this part. But if you are, welcome to the club. When you are done with your shift or finished your workout, spend time with your people and support them, now the real part starts. The extra work. This is the part you differentiate, this is the part you have a chance to be different than others. The sacrifice and effort when it counts. giving not 100% but giving 110%.

Fall in love with the extra effort you can put in, fall in love with the opportunity, to be able to do more than what’s required.

As the commercial of Under Armour says;

“What you do in the dark, will put you in the light.”




I like write about motivational topics.