Turn of the Tide

Correlation is a very interesting concept, isn't it? How our brain can create connections and make patterns with our personal experiences and based on them we can find ourselves inspired and add values to what we do. For the ones who don't know much a lot about tides, I’d like to give a brief explanation. ‘Turn of the Tides’ in the classical sense means changes in tides. They occur because of the constituents called “Tidal constituents”. Those constituents are Moon, Sun, and Earth’s rotation. This causes high and low tides Because of the gravitiy of the Moon and Sun and the Rotation causes that because of the movement. Those effects cause high and low tides. Most powerful tides are called “Spring ties”. They occur when the waves are influenced by the moon and the sun at the same time. The least powerful tides are called ”neap tides”. This occurs when the effect of the moon and sun at their lowest.

Another definition is, reverse a situation. During an ongoing process or in a situation because a change of detail or adding the effect of something unexpected but significant happens and it changes everything.

Reversing the situation happens the same way as the change in tides. Constituents affect it. As I mentioned, Change in tides caused by Moon, Sun, and Earth’s rotation. Reversing the situation is also begging for those effects to happen in order to see that drastic change. We experience also high and low versions of ourselves during the time. Because of the effects that influence us.

Let's go through an example.

Since the Pandemic has begun, we all have experienced difficulties. Lockdown, quarantine, separated from our people for a long time and unfortunately some of us had to endure the loss of their cared ones. What is the outcome so far you think? What did this pandemic change in our lives and in our hearts? I think most of the people had a realization of how we take things for granted. How values and feelings such as care, thoughtfulness, love were being underrated, and how they become important and find their true value in our lives.

More importantly, are those temporary vibes, or have we realized that we really wanted? I am reading and seeing from a lot of people that they are showing a lot of warmer feelings, sharing quotes on their IG stories about care and thoughtfulness, they are embracing their people more and defending other people and social groups publicly.

I do think holding down your own has become more important than ever. Because of the realization of How The Turn of the Tide can happen before you know it and the regrets we might have felt.

Have you seen the pictures Sydney Airpot has shared last week? In case you didn’t, this is one of them. Australia has closed the borders to New Zealand for 6 months and they re-opened very recently and on that day in Syndey Airport, not just the planes landed also the emotions landed.

Photo Credit: https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/travel-troubles

Humble suggestion: Give people their roses while they are still here. Not necessarily referring to death, they might go away, they might move somewhere far..etc. A lot of people get more values when they go away somewhere but not around us. Weird right? Give more than what you think you are giving to your people. Be extra a little. No worries cool kid, That's a legit flex.

With that being said,

Do more than neccesary always.