Days, sometimes weeks maybe even for months we walk around with a mask on with a desperate need of confiding on someone. Because we miss ourselves, we miss living our joy, anger, happiness, sadness freely. Our moments, the way we laugh… everything. Why though? What makes us hold back? why we don’t really be just ourselves?

Here is why…

Fake ass people and their Fake ass energy.

How to prevent that? While they are giving fake baked bread, give your well-cooked real you. This will put them to their place which is, (mentally) a million miles away from you. Bye Felicia.

Don’t separate yourself from the things you love.

Plain and simple. If you stop doing things you love, it won’t feel like you. If this is the case, make yourself stronger in the things you love. DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE. EVERYDAY.

Put your input in everything you do, everywhere you are.

Don’t hold back. Speak your mind and act like how you think it’s true. Key to that is, be proud of who you are what you represent. In other words, no matter who you are talking to or where you are, put yourself and your opinions into it 100%.

Be smart with your sacrifices.

While we are doing sacrifices we are either don’t do something we love or we do something we have asked but not necessarily what we wanted to do. In either case, if you feel like you are giving up too much more than you should, you are not good for anyone. So even your sacrifice won’t be a sacrifice anymore.

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