There is a danger in focusing on something. We might have to focus on details too much and missing seeing the big picture. Details are essential of course but aren’t we always saying that when we take a step back and look at the picture again we realize a lot of things that we could have done differently? Or better yet, realize something we should start doing it. When we change our focus or not laser focusing on smaller things we do realize a lot. One of the most important things about changing focus also for the competition we have or the rivals we have. That's what I call “The Unexpected Blessing”. Having a rival or a big competitor can be a great blessing, can be a great opportunity. If only you realize that. Competition is a great thing. Its the best thing actually if you are trying to improve yourself or get better at what you do. The great ones, the iconic figures, and multinational companies became how they are or how they were because of the competition they have. Competition elevated them and carried them to the Pearly gates so to speak.

Michael Jordan wouldn't be the GOAT if he didn’t have the opportunity to face all the competition.

Apple wouldn’t be one of the most successful companies without Samsung.

Niki Lauda wouldn’t be one of the best F1 drivers if he didn't have to compete with James Hunt.

I can extend this list more but I guess I made my point. When you have to fight with something as strong and as persistent as yourself. You evolve. You improve and you are learning. You are discovering and you are enduring.

Personal experience: I like to run as a workout. I have realized that my performance is increasing when I realize that if there is someone runs better than me or running ahead of me at the track. There is an urge kicks in when I realize that person and I begin to think like, I have to pass that person, I have to be better than that them. Sometimes I fail but I will always try to be better until I can’t.

That's why its a Blessing to have a competitor or a rival or an enemy even. I named the Topic “The Unexpected Blessing” because most of the time when we face a great competition or an enemy we usually react emotionally. We are wishing that they weren’t even existed, we curse them a lot probably, we might get jealous of them, and so on. But guess what? I mention changing focus at the beginning of the article remember? So, If we change our focus and try to learn from the competition, try to see what are they great at or what makes them different or what can we do to be better than them? Think about it.

Baltasar Gracian, a Spanish philosopher has a great saying.

A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.

As a summary, don’t hate or get over jealous of the competition around you.

Just get better and seek to be better.