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The Specialist

There are a lot of different areas and fields we are divided into. Different focus, different battles. It's all for one thing. Even though they are different. Can be completely irrelevant or linked to each other. But the thing is we all do what we do for one purpose and one purpose only. Is to get better. We seek improvement in everything we do. We seek to be better.

We all cook right? We keep cooking. Before you know it you are watching Gordon Ramsey recipes and trying to cook his recipes.

Some of us like to exercise. We started at some point. Probably the moves we were doing back then not even our warm-ups now. Why? Because we improved. We got better because we wanted to.

We work for a living and providing for ourselves, right ? What happens in time? We got a promotion or start our own business or become a partner in somewhere etc.

We all have different hobbies or activities we put ourselves in. We all can have different motivations to start. Ambition, Interest, Heartbreak, Seek for Improvement, and so on. But eventually, whatever the reason at the beginning might be, we just find ourselves to keep pushing and keep improving in whatever we do. Sometimes even lost ourselves in them. That's not the ideal scenario but for some, it's all or nothing.

Most of the people are trying to be good at multiple things in their fields. Put efforts in different subjects, trying to improve themselves in multiple ways.

In the age of information, it's easy to pull a lot and commit to a lot of things. It's good to be good in multiple areas in your field. But most of the time we just end up being good at multiple things but not very good in one thing particular or in a few things.

We might have multiple hobbies or interests. But trying to improve in all of them at the same time might not be the best thing to do. That's Distracting for one. We should fight one battle at a time. While we are trying to improve, we should become one with it. They should be a part of us. Otherwise, they will never be complete in us.

Hunt our goals one by one. Let's talk with facts a little to back this all up.

Once you have decided about what you want to become great at, you start to make plans not just want it. First, set the goal. We already know that. But setting the goal is not gonna cut it. Usually, setting a goal goes by, ‘I want to become an expert in Photograph, so that I am going to take classes for it’.

But according to Phsycology.iresearch.net’s article, Setting goals is not enough on its own to actually accomplish that. This where the concept of Implementation Intentions comes into play. An implementation Intention is a simple plan in the form of “If X/then I will Y”. Goal relevant situation X and Goal-directed response Y, that will help achieve the goal. Ex: If I finish my work early today, I will go for a run.

By creating strong mental links between an anticipated situation and a planned response, implementation intentions allow people to work toward their goals automatically, like a habit formed through the pairing of situations and responses repeatedly in daily life. Implementation intentions, for this reason, have been said to create instant habits or strategic automaticity.

Beginnings are always hard:

As you can see from this chart, In the first 5–10 days its degree of automaticity is very low. Started from 20 days it's fairly automatic. After 45–50 days, it's almost automatic as it gets. The time that needs the habit or action becomes automatic can differ based on how hard is the habit of course. But according to the Research of Phillipe Lappa, a health psychology researcher in University College London, states in his research: “ How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world”. It takes 66 days needed on average to make a new behavior automatic.

In conclusion;

Set a new behavior or form a new habit may take time. But if you want to become great at something, you need to focus one thing at a time. Fight one battle at a time.

I hope you find this article useful.