The one thing in common

There are people among us or before us that we all look up to. Ones that we have heard about or read about or directly witnessed. The ones that impress us, ones that motivate us and make us want to achieve more and more for ourselves. The ones that figured things out and even there is a fog surround them as much as it surrounds us. Fog of doubt, fear, hesitation..etc. That exists around everybody. But some of us are to see through the fog and reach what's beyond.

Without the map, there is no destination to arrive and if there is no courage, there won't be a lot to explore, and if you have the desire, if you want it bad enough, no fog, no laurels, or no distractions will be able to stop you.

The ones that figured out are figured all above basically. When we read about their lives or magnify their habits, we can see they all made some sacrifices, and they made the most out of it until they cant. They squeezed that juice until there is nothing left. The crucial thing that they have in common is;

It is the successful sacrifice that they make. Not just the sacrifice.

It's pretty obvious but still, let's break it down. What is a successful sacrifice? According to Jordan Peterson; a professor of psychology, Successful sacrifice is as follows;

“In Succesful sacrifice, Things get better as the successful one practise. The questions become increasingly precise and simultanusly broader and the answers become increasingly deeper and profound.”

In my opinion, anybody can make small or big sacrifices. But the thing is what do we get in return for their sacrifices? When we decide to make the sacrifice, are we going on that path until the end?

Sacrifice is a continuous action. Not an end result and it's certainly not a one-time payment. Sacrifice is admiring the big picture rather than falling for the small details.

The ones that figured it out, are the ones that bargain with the future. They delay the gratification. That’s how they become successful among us.

Start with it, go with it. It's an uphill journey. Consistency will bring its reward. That's what I am seeking and trying to do. It's challenging and not easy. But meh, who needs easy right?

Sometimes we don't know how to start so, I am dropping some useful links below.

I hope it helps.