The Moment of Compensation

Why we compensate?

We compensate to cover up for something. Either make something better which we already good at or overly dependent on others to help us with that or cover that topic for us.

Need for Compensation can occur for good and bad.

If we can awake the good part of it, we will work on to become excellent at what we think are good at.

If we have the bad side, we let low self-esteem rule and/or jealousy.

Compensation is a concept that occurs in every human relationship. Between friends, between lovers, or between relatives. It even occurs in our own behaviors in public. The way we behave and the way we are presenting ourselves. We all intended to try to highlight our strengths in social gatherings right? What I said with strength can be anything. From our appearance to social skills or even our experiences that may differ us from others. This mindset has the potential for both ways. It can lead to a positive outcome or a negative outcome. Just because you want to compensate, it can push you to do even better at what you good at. It can create motivation.

In another scenario, You will have low self-esteem and jealousy will kick in (if it's not there yet.) and you will feel more hunger inside of you to fill.

Compensation In Friendships:

Friendships often experience ups and downs as it happens in every other relationship. Compensation occurs in friendships in several forms.

Those are:

When we crossed with a friend and try to be closer to our other friends.

When one of the good friends cant put in a lot as much as we do. So we do more in the friendships than them. (Make plans with them according to their schedule for instance)

Do their favorite activities instead of mutually favorite activities.

Be sure to realize how much you compensate in your friendships. Because sometimes when you stop compensate, your relationships might drastically change.

Compensation in Teams:

In teams, we all have different tasks. Everybody is bringing something else than others don’t. That's how it should be at least if the team is to perform in high performance. So how compensation happens in team formats?

If one of the team members failing to deliver their part, we lend a hand to them or we do the remaining of the work for them.

We can be a gatekeeper. If one of the members is having trouble with getting along with another member, we can either be more active in the communication which they are failing to maintain or we can create another solution for them.

In conclusion, Compensation can create very good motivation and makes us get better in numerus ways. Our good can be better and our better can be the best. If we are aware of the things we compensate for, we can do that. Also, we can get rid of some things that are unnecessarily compensating. Trust me, it will give a big relief once you get rid of those.