I find it fascinating how a word can hold so many meanings, thoughts, preparations, and intentions inside it. Marathon is a 42 km or 26,2 Mile run. It requires an extensive workout and diet plan in order to participate and complete it. We can use the word “Marathon” for other concepts as well. It can be used after we accomplish some of the things we pursue, when we experience a minor delay or a setback during the road, or when we decide to change the plan and go for something completely different. But if we have dedicated, if we set our minds to be successful and remain persistent, the only thing we will say to ourselves will be: “The Marathon Continues”.

In order to keep on running that marathon, in order to see the finish line, we need to take care of some of the things down the road. Most likely, It's not gonna be easy. But if that was easy, everyone could pull it off, right?

My running mate and my good friend Mustafa is always telling me the same thing. We are running around and I always ask him that “Why it's just us always? Why there is no one else running ?” He goes: “Because there is a reason, we aren't going for the easier option, we want to climb up the mountain and we embrace the hardships comes with it and we know the view from the top of the mountain will totally worth it and it won't be crowded there”.

Sometimes I’d be grumpy and complain about the muscle soreness, or the running against hills. He would always encourage me to solve it somehow if I want to go further and get better with those workouts.

Hardships are blessings. However, if you allow them, they can be a curse as well. Hardships should be taken as opportunities because without facing hardships we cant improve and evolve. We need to have overcome challenges to get better. That's the natural path. Without facing them and overcome them, we won't be moving on and we won't be able to go far. If you sit on hardships and let them exist just like that in your mind, they will pull you down. Take the challenge and push yourself to overcome things are the better and harder option. Once again, the hard option is the better one.

Once we have decided to take the hard road, a plan is needed. Hardships are not gonna take care of themselves. We need to make a plan for how to knock them down. It will be helpful. After all, we can't just go out there and run whenever we feel like it and expect to complete a marathon right?

There is one thing I keep hearing from people is, “I don't have the motivation to do it.” hmm… If you feel the same, There is this quote that gives the best answer.

“Discipline succeeds where Motivation Fails”

I hope you find this week’s topic useful.

I will be wrapping up the year with one last article next week.

Stay tuned.