The importance of Reframing

Focus is like a sniper binocular isn't it? The environment and the surroundings are almost blocked from our minds and the attention is almost solely on the mark. Wherever the mark goes, our attention goes with it. Although it's good to have undivided attention on something, when there is a complication occurs it can get a little complicated. Because since the focus is so strong, the option we can find could be very limited as well. 1–2 options, not more than that. What we focus on and how intensely we focus on something, will influence the solution we might come up with.

How do we avoid that though? How can one find multiple solutions to a situation or a problem? In other words, how can we reframe the decision we are trying to make? How can we release ourselves from the feeling of being stuck?

The Roadmap

When or If you are using “The lack of X” you are not talking about the problem at all. You already figured out what needs to be done. The missing part that you need to fill up. If you think there is a lack of something, try to overcome whatever is lacking.

Writing it down

write it down as you are giving advice to someone else who is facing the same struggle or having a hard time creating variations. Phrase the situation in different ways. Let's go through an example:

You want to learn 4 different skills each year but you end up learning just 2.

  1. You only complete 50% of your goal
  2. You are not making yourself available for improving yourself.
  3. Those skills are not the right skills you want to learn.

The way you are phrasing them makes an important difference in how you approach them.

The shift in focus leads to different kinds of countermeasures.

Imagination. Imagination. Imagination.

When you already figured what is missing or what needs to be done in your situation, try to Imagine you are succeeding or overcoming the situation you are up against. Imagination is a powerful tool to make things happen. Whatever you are trying to make it happen, imagine yourself succeeding in it.

As conclusion,

next time you are struggling to find a solution or trying something new, try to rewriting or rephrase the situation by either change the subject or how you are measuring the problem.

You will see that small changes will lead to a big changes in your perspective.