The feeling of hunger is devilish when it’s not rightly fulfilled .

What’s The immediate action when we feel hunger? Fulfill it right? What I mean by hunger is not just for food. Hunger for Success, Hunger for love, Hunger for working out..etc. But our mind responds to it almost the same way as its responding to hungry for food. When we don’t eat when we feel hungry; when we wait, what happens? Usually, we ended up eating junk food or unhealthy snacks which is bad food for our bodies.

It’s very similar to how our brain responds to pain. Did you know that our brain reacts the same way to mental pain as it reacts to physical pain? Same thing to hunger as well. It has to be fulfilled one way or another. You won’t starve yourself. So you will just go for the closest thing that comes to your way. You will Take the closest opportunity as possible to make you successful.

But sometimes it is misleading, right? You will go to fulfilling it because you are starving but sometimes it’s not the best for you. Even worse for you may be in the long run. So what do you do? Either stay hungry a little wait longer, endure. Or organize yourself so well that you will be able to satisfy that hunger as soon as its bothering or immediately after it occurred.

Being Hungry in everything is only good if you can fulfill them in the right way.

Happy Feastin’


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