Actions and Words are 2 pieces of the whole. Actions are a much bigger piece and the words are significantly smaller of the whole. Actions alone can be enough for personal relationships and work relationships. But sometimes people need our words as well. Even though our actions are as loud as they get. That situations occur because of the need for effective communication which is crucial and important. Because without expressions and putting our input without using our words is not really enough.

Let's go through some examples.

You can love and care for a person. Friendly or romantically. You are showing that with your actions. But they will expect you to say it as well. They will want to hear it. One way or another.

If you made a mistake to someone and you are trying to make that up with your actions, what else they will need? Hearing an apology right?

In my opinion, Words are important as well. They are the building blocks of carrying personal and professional relationships. They are important to motivate the other people in the situation by communicating your appreciation to them.

Your words are powerful as well. Your actions will be needed to back them up. But it all starts with our words remember that. They are a bundle together. At the beginning of everything, it's all about words. Then it will carry on with your actions. In every situation, you are in and in everything that you are a part of.

Words without actions are meaningless and actions without words can be confusing.

We are all intended to require both of them. That's also related to the human nature of seeking what we don't have. If we have something on our hand we want more of them or we want something else alongside it.

Everyone is strongly talking about how actions matter a lot and how we should just trust the actions and not words. I do respect that point of view.

Actions will tell you a lot about what you need to know. But even then we will have questions that need to be answered and a lot of verbal expressions we need to hear to move forward.

Communication is effective when they are a whole.

3B’s are the easiest way to implement that.

Both with your words and actions.

Be Consistent

Be Transparent

Be Bold