If you do anything that requires momentum or explosiveness, you would understand when that sudden boost kicks in. You would go on and on, push after a push, and series of ups and downs would happen during the process. Your body or your mind would tell you to stop numerous times. Lactic acid conquers your muscle if its a workout or physical activity. If it requires a lot of thinking then you will end up having minor headaches. But something inside of you won’t let it go. For some reason, against all odds, you won’t stop. Of course, you may be done before all of this.

But you have a switch. In order to find it, you need to go through a process. You won’t find it just like that.

Here is how.

  1. Get it started. Don’t overthink how you are going to start or if you will be able to do it. Just take a deep breath and start doing it. Neither Thinking is wont to make it easier nor stress yourself about it.
  2. Bumps on the road. Somewhere in the middle of the road, you will feel like giving up. You will feel like enough, you can finish and do it later again. Basically, that's a NO. Don’t let go, push it, keep pushing. Allow yourself to fight. It doesn't have to be something at the stake. If you want to see what you can become in something you do, you need to go until you absolutely can’t.
  3. The last hurdle. If you reached that point, you almost reached “The Boost in the End”. What I mean by that is, when it's nearly finished your body or your mind will give you extra endurance, a sudden boost. You won’t understand how or why. But suddenly, when you think you gave all of you. An almost euphoric feeling will kick in. With that, you will be able to maintain your performance and keep your stuff together. It feels like your system is rewarding you for your efforts and allowing you to go even further.


In order to reach that, if you want to unlock that avenue, you really need to give most of you if not all of you during the process. so access to that has a price in you. Your body or your brain wont give it to you just like that.

Give it a try.

It works like that. You will see it.


I like write about motivational topics.