we all have excuses for everything or we all trying to come up with excuses. Why we do that? We are trying to find or create excuses because we want to avoid whatever we need to do or to do it later. It's not the only situation we are trying to find an excuse for though. Intentionally or Unintentionally we are all trying to find excuses to do things we want to do as well. There are 2 motivations that come into the play. Those excuses either are either the outcome of the process. We either find excuses to do something either we love to do it without a particular or expected outcome(having wine and good conversation with a friend) or the outcome of that activity. (workouts, reading a book, take a class, reading this blog)

Finding Excuses how? Let's talk about this over an example.

Past 5 months I have been running with one of my good friends. I have a job and he has his own company, we are both busy in our own ways. We don’t live close to each other. We both have familial obligations.. etc. But no matter what, we have managed to do our running training 3–4 days a week. We have created time somehow. Sometimes even 10 in the night and we both are early birds. So it's not as easy as it sounds to go run 10 in the night and be up at 6 in the morning. But you know what? Those trainings were full of fun. For me, a fun workout means a hard and consistent workout. And to be able to do it with a good friend whose mindset is at least as though as mine? I could find excuses all day to be able to be there and do those workouts with him. Sometimes social plans came out, on our workout days. I’d skip them or re-arrange them in a heartbeat. Because I wanted to make that happen and the motivations were already there. So, in this case, motivation sources were the outcome of the workouts and doing it with a good friend. Those are 2 important sources for me.

So beforehand I would know that I wouldn't feel good about this if I chose to skip it. so I’d know I should arrange my errands accordingly. So what we call this? Yes… Finding excuses to be able to do it.

It’s just an example but you understood where I was going this. Most of us do that. Create excuses to do workouts or do some study or read something for which you want to get better at or anything you want to be successful at or for your people, your inner circle only.

Finding excuses to spare yourself from other things and do what's really on your mind or need you to put time and effort in, requires exquisite planning. Daily or Weekly. Be on top of things and arrange yourself sometimes it can be spontaneously or sometimes can be in advance. It will give you some room. Be aware of that.

We all create excuses for the things we want to do. That's why we choose to prioritize those activities or events even sometimes they overlap with each other.

But in the end, a simple explanation for it is:

If we really want something bad enough, we will prioritize it and create or stick to excuses just to be able to do it.

Whatever those excuses might be, stick to them.


I like write about motivational topics.