The Best Thing You Can Do For Your People

Good intentions are all that we have for our people right? Well, I hope we all do. Even though it all starts with good and care, we might be misunderstood sometimes.

However, All we can conjure depends on how much is capable is the person in front of us can understand or their interpretation… Regardless of that, the best thing we can do for someone is not approaching them just with good intentions. It's something much deeper, requires effort, patience, and empathy.

The Best Thing You Can Do For Someone is,

Discuss their thoughts with them. Doesn't matter if you agree or don't agree with their ideas. If you really can sit down and do that with your people, it is definitely an act of love and care. From begging to the end it is.

You sit down with that person. You listen to them. You try to understand them and try to understand where they are coming from, you are trying to do empathy and then talk to your mind. If it's good then try to develop or add something to their thoughts and if it's bad, explain your concerns and counterarguments. Because you can't be silent if you think otherwise with what they have to say.

Silence is lying if you have something to say.

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to speak up against their thoughts because people can be very passionate with their thoughts and hold on to them like it's a holy writ.

Do you see? Even though reading this kind of feels like a lot right? Imagine you really go through with that. You can’t do that with a person that you don't like. I know I can’t. If I sit down with you and talk about your thoughts with you and try to add perspective or try to show you flaws, you might as well think that I care about you.

And it's a such powerful thing to do that it is upgrading relationships. The amount of exchange, understanding, and respect on the table are immense in those moments. Adding additional values which might be missing in some relationships. You get to know more about that person's thought system and you just know them better from that moment on.

Even it might get a little heated sometimes. It's just straight Quality time no matter how you look at it.

All kinds of relationships are begging to improve in some forms. Relationships need stability but they cant remain static, they need to be dynamic as well.

Step up your game if you haven't been doing the things I kindly suggested above.


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