We all have different battles to fight, we all have our questions to solve and we have our own quarrels we are trying to figure. Sometimes we found ourselves getting lost in them while we are trying to solve them. At what cost though? We are losing a lot of energy and time during that process. Trying to make sense out of something doesn't really make sense. It's in our nature in my opinion. Connecting dots, explore something we are not familiar with, satisfy our curiosity, finding answers.

While we are busy trying to find the answers, we have other responsibilities to take care of. If we are not paying attention, the questions we are so busy trying to figure out will wear us down eventually. I was listening to a podcast the other day. The solution to that is not so hard to find actually. The answer is just one word. Winning.

Winning makes everything better. Winning makes everything easier. Winning empowers you and gives you all the boost you need. Winning in career, winning in sports, winning in games, win a contest..etc.

In Biology, there is a phenomenon called “The Winner Effect”. While I was doing research about the effects of winning, I found out that, when we win something, a contest or a competition, there is a great release of dopamine (The Feelgood neurotransmitter)and testosterone in our brains. Over time, this changes the brain structure and chemical make-up in our brains. We become smarter(yes winning makes us smarter), more confident, and increase our capability of handling larger tasks. Winning (Also Losing) such an impact on us that Cognitive Neuroscientists Ian Robertson explains:

“Success and failure shape us more than drugs and genetics”.

And it seems like It has the same effect in a lot of areas. Doesn't matter if it's in Business, Sports, or School.

It has an ongoing process that needs to be adopted that's for sure. If you win a little and being mediocre mostly and losing some, don't expect much. Rewards in your mentality and hormones come after some time. It only matters when it becomes a habit.

Become a winner is not something we can become in a day. It's a process. It starts with the success of habits, tasks, accomplishments. When you become a winner, power comes along with it.

There are 2 types of power:

1- Personalized Power: Motivation in this one is, that person wants to become a winner, become powerful for themselves and that is the only motive.

2- Social Power: Motivation is they want to become powerful to be able to influence social issues and raise awareness on pressing matters.

Jeffrey Pfeffer. author of the book ”Power: Why some people have it and others don’t” explains as follows:

in order to succeed, you must have both needs for power. On one hand, you need the selfish drive for self-improvement and dominance, on the other, you must also want to improve your society so that people want to follow you. People with only S power and no P power do not get ahead in life.

When you become a winner, you become more. You become powerful and that power allows you to empower others which is the most important aspect of a winner in my opinion. When a winner address issues, raise awareness and when they endorse or help people, they can really make a difference. Their words carry a value so do their actions. So, it's also very important to lead by example.

It is a journey:

Starts with planning

Continues with dedication and sacrifice

Ends with Champagne





I like write about motivational topics.

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Alican Gulal

Alican Gulal

I like write about motivational topics.

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