I will give you a secret. Happiness ain’t free and no one is gonna give it to you. Happiness is not something that appears in the sky like a rainbow after rain but its something you create. You need to build it and you need to work on it. It’s important to understand so that we can start to put the necessary efforts and work to build up our own happiness. A lot of people think that being genuinely happy is hard. But let’s not be pessimistic. It will work if you work on it. Better yet, think your overall happiness like a pool, and you have taps to fill up that pool. Those taps are your sources of happiness. Now, it’s up to you to decide how many taps you will use to fill up that pool. Those taps can represent anything that makes you happy or gives you happiness. Work, exercise, own a pet, listen to music, brew a fresh coffee, travel, try to get enough sleep, writing a journal ..etc. Also, sometimes just simple things such as stop and appreciate things around you and your surroundings can give you the ultimate happiness.

In my opinion, having those moments is essential. Appreciation is a great source of happiness. Be sure to create those moments as much as you can. In some of those concepts, you are the one who controls if or how much happiness you will receive from them. You will decide and determine what to get and how to get happiness from your sources. You are in control of your OWN sources (in those examples above) and you are the ruler. It’s your own zone right there. Do as you please.

On the other hand, there are other and more sources that give happiness to us as well. Sources that we are not really in control of. Those are things that create genuine happiness for us but it's up to them to give you how much or how little they are going to give. Yet, we will receive happiness from those sources no matter what.

Key is as I discussed from one of the previous articles, setting expectations right to be able to squeeze every drop of happiness out of it. So what are those sources that I am talking about? This is all about People. Friends, Relatives, Significant other, Colleagues. People that by choice or otherwise in your life. You will receive happiness from them if you EARN it. Of course, we have some amazing people in our lives always trying to provide us happiness unconditionally which we should always be thankful and grateful for their existence.

A piece of humble advice, Never take them for granted. I think the message I want to give is clear. If you are kind, nice, and supportive of your people, likely you going to receive nothing but good vibes from them.

The combination of earned happiness and owned happiness is the perfect, the most delicious recipe for life. (Maybe add a little more Oregano and Garlic Powder too.) But If we can put effort and positivity to the EARNED and OWNED happiness sources we will be even more than satisfied and even more motivated in everything we are up to.

As I always suggest, do more than what’s necessary.


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