Last 2 years, people who practice yoga has increased drastically. I think that’s not even arguable. Pandemic and curfews and limitations forced us to find out what we can do inside of our confined zones. Some practiced different and some advanced cooking recipes some home workouts, some got into gaming, some started to learn a different language and some got into Yoga practice. I don’t have the statistics but according to the Independence newspaper’s article, people developed more than 40 hobbies to keep their mind and body occupied.

Yoga is already a developed concept and it’s known what it does, the effects on the body and the mind. Well, and it’s also cool to share a story on IG if you can manage to perform some of the peak poses (In my opinion, that was one of the reasons got attracted to Yoga.) So, of we went.

Globally, 300 million people now practicing yoga. It became global and spread all around the world. According to Google Trends, Top 5 yoga countries are:

1. Canada (18)

2. Singapore (35)

3. Australia (12)

4. Ireland (22)

5. United States (24)

This is all good and everything for sure. There is no doubt about that and it should be encouraged more and more in time.

Although practicing Yoga is good and healthy, there is one controversial part about it. The belief part. Yoga has a philosophy and some religious touches behind it. Some parts of it are almost as like you are praying and showing gratitude. If you are wondering the meanings behind the yoga poses, you can look them up from here.

It’s safe to say, Top 5 countries I listed above are not religious countries at all. Matter of fact, The numbers in parenthesis above represent their ranking in non-religious or atheists in the world based on the survey conducted by Worldpopulationreview out of 68 countries.

So the question is, Is being an atheist or being a not-religious person have any correlation with practicing yoga?

There is no clear answer to that. But if we look at the numbers and rankings above, we can make an assumption. 4 of the Top 5 yoga countries, undeniably some of the developed, innovative, high education level and economically established countries. Obviously, more developed societies intended to be more aware of finding and doing what is good for them. Physically and/or mentally. Yoga is one of those things they can do. There are a lot of people who can say it’s just a high-fashion activity, it’s a waste of time..etc.

I am thinking that maybe, consciously or subconsciously, people who are non-believers or atheists have still something they believe in. Higher power, Energy, Spiritual world, Zeus, or something. I will just leave the question here.

It’s kind of hard to draw a conclusion about it, of course, Yogis are nonbelievers or believers. (However, numbers saying they are mostly non-believers)

It’s not a coincidence why the top 5 countries are not developed countries right?

Although it seems like Yogis are mostly not-religious or atheists, I believe they tend to believe more or have a tendency to practice more even though there are religious meanings behind them. Once people go deeper into Yoga, the more they learn about it and the faith side of it maybe.

In conclusion, even though Yogis seem like they are not much of believers, they likely to have faith inside. It should be something to consider to think about. Better to be aware of it, so that it wouldn’t be confusing once the concept gets deeper in the minds.

In the end, every journey is meant to be full of discoveries.



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