Making a Difficult Decision

It was hard to find the appropriate title for this article. I wrote down and delete maybe 20 times. In the end, I decided to stick with what came to my mind at first. You know what they say, In a topic it's always good to stick with what comes to your mind first. That saying is also aligning with this topic in a way. I will explain that how a little later.

Making difficult decisions is great in a lot of ways if you like to challenge yourself. Making the difficult decision merely a beginning of that process. The real challenge is, stick with it. Because after you made that decision, you will be tested. By yourself mostly but also from the people around you as well. The ones that do not agree with your decision will try to talk to you about it otherwise. But you should always remember why you make that decision in the beginning. Remind yourself that all the time.

You made that decision because you know what is right and what is good for you. Workplace, people, habits, hobbies, and so on. If you decided to let go of the things because you know you deserve better. Usually, those decisions will challenge you mentally and Emotionally. Especially if you put a lot of effort into it. Emotionally you will feel torn and mentally you will feel drained. Undo that decision will always be the easier way, but in the long run, it will always hunt you because you didn't stick with your decision. Don't change your decision unless there is a constant change. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for another disappointment.

Another reason why you should stick with it is: If you don't make that decision on time, you will be forced to make that decision in the future eventually. If that happens, it will be a lot harder and you will ask yourself why you didn't make that decision earlier. So that, it will be another battle to fight within.

Do you see how it aligns with the saying I talked about in the beginning? Why stick with the thought at the beginning? That's why. You will never be selfish for choosing to do what is right for you. Toxic workplace? Unappreciative people? Bad Habits? They are not for anybody. Love yourself more every time and in every situation.

Let's talk about a different scenario. Sometimes making a difficult decision is, choosing between two options. Option A and Option B. We all know it's not so easy to choose one all the time. So what do we do?

According to Psychology Today, there is a technique called the “Toggle Technique”. It's basically imagining yourself in both situations for 1 minute. Imagine yourself in both situations as in what if you choose them. How would it feel like? How do you see yourself when you make that decision? After that, observe your emotions and body-felt level. Then it will be easier to choose the right one.

If everything above fails,

your Gut feeling is always at your disposal.


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