How to find the Motivation you seek?

First of all, I hope we all understand the difference between doing something with Motivation and without Motivation. Motivation can and should exist in everything that we want to accomplish or we care about getting better at or even if we just happy to be able to do that. We all either do something because we want to do it or we have to do it. In either one, there are different things that keep us going or things that we have to fight through to get things done. Motivation is like a wood that we put into the fire burning inside of us. What allows us to endure, do more, and giving us the will to be better version of ourselves. Do you know what is hard? We have to find the motivation in everything we are doing or anything we into. Work, exercise, relationships.. everything else you can think of.

So how do we find Our Motivation? Let’s find out.

1) Sources of Motivation:

Our sources of motivation sources are both internal and external. It can be a scale even sometimes. But the best version to have a sustainable and effective source of motivation would come in from within. We need to have internal motivation the most. It’s the way to have a sustainable and last long motivation. Because in that, we will always be turned on to ourselves rather than expect from someone else to motivate us. Positive Psychology explained the importance of Self Motivation as:

“Self-Motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things.’”

Seeking External Motivation Sources, on the other hand, is very risky and kinda unrealistic. If you have an impeccable support system, it’s good for sure means you are lucky. But, if and when you don’t get the support from them, your performance and motivation will likely be going to decrease. So is probably your performance on whatever you are trying to accomplish. If you get support from your people and if they motivate you it’s great! It will give you a boost. But let’s not expect that from them.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst right?

We’d like to offer some Self-Motivation Skills if you want to become more Self-Motivated Individual:

  1. Setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)
  2. Prioritize yourself and your wishes. Learn when to say “no” and say “yes” when you want.
  3. Reward yourself when you accomplish your goals, no matter how big or small your accomplishments are.
  4. Be committed to your goals. Don’t encourage from a single bump on the road.

2) The Secret ingredient of Creating Motivation:

We will give you the most important part of the recipe. The secret sauce.

If you don’t feel motivated to do something or hesitating to something, keep thinking and thinking about starting it and delaying it, all you have to do is, JUMP RIGHT INTO IT.

You heard us right. Doesn’t matter feeling tired or demotivated, emotional, etc.

let us give an example: You come home from work or school. You worked all day. Attended meetings, complete your tasks, and physically and mentally you feel tired afterward. You left work and on your way home. You should just put yourself into it without thinking and delaying it. You will do whatever you want to do and you can rest after.

Think like that: If someone suddenly pushes you to a pool. So now you have to swim. Thinking about getting into the pool is already eliminated, you are already inside. So now you have to swim and stay there as long as you like.

So; sometimes suddenly put yourself into something without overthinking or hesitating is the best solution. You will figure it out when you are inside the situation and enjoy the results after. Trust us!

3) Try to accomplish small tasks along the way & Don’t be afraid to fail:

Last but not least, This topic is a good way to create motivation as well. Every small or even insignificant-looking thing is adding wood to your fire of Motivation. Things you can do to feel more motivated start with as soon as in the morning you open your eyes. you can start with, making the bed and then read or watch the news a little, do a quick stretch or a quick workout and get ready to leave. We’d like to share a useful video about it. Click here to watch it.

It’s all about mentality nothing more and nothing less.

You should choose to be motivated to accomplish your goals. You should want to feel the motivation within not to expect from somewhere else.

Never get intimidated from the fear of failure. Most of the time without fail we can’t get better at things we are doing. Make mistakes, learn from them, try again, fail again, and get better again. This is how you climb the mountain.

“I have failed over and over again in my life. That’s why I succeed. “

Michael Jordan

I like write about motivational topics.