It’s possible to get better at it. You just need to learn how.

How to be more creative?

I can already hear the questions you are asking yourself. “I don’t even know to start”, “I am not a creative person at all”. Well, Let me disappoint you right there. Creativity is not a gift, its a skill. So what’s that mean? You need to practice, you need to work on it to get better at it. How? There are several ways to get into it. One of the first things I highly suggest for you all to try is;

when you look at something or when you are thinking about something, always try to think deeply about it. Try to find or notice something that nobody else might mot have thought or noticed.

Moreover, you can try to observe and understand the patterns of people with creative minds. According to Psychology Today’s article,

There are 2 primary threats of those people:

1-They think that they are creative: Self-belief comes to the play in this case. They have the confidence that they will deliver the right answer when the need arises. This is a very strong way to start doing something. In other words, always show up for dinner with an appetite.

2- They are flexible in their thinking and trying new things: They are willing to drop out of their way of thinking and open to new ways. They are always willing to take risks and try new things. They are willing to expose themselves to new experiences. By opening themselves to new stimuli, they are opening new channels on thoughts and they are facing new problems to solve and challenge themselves in different ways. The expansion of the horizon can be the reward at the end.

As I have mentioned earlier, creativity is a skill, not a gift. So, Consider your brain as a muscle that needs to be developed. In this case(Creative side of the brain) with Cognitive exercises.

1- Writing. It’s an amazing skill to boost your creativity by challenging yourself with continuous improvement. According to the article by Tom Kenny, He is stating that there are 7 ways writing is improving creativity. I suggest you take a look at that.

2- Think while you exercise. Exercise is a boost in many ways. Feeding our creative side is one of them. According to scientific research, exercising can be linked to more creative thinking. Do a minimum of 30 mins. of exercise while you think and brainstorm. You will see the benefits.

3- Travel, Travel, and More Travel. We all probably have read this before in a lot of articles or different blogs, haven’t we? Traveling is important because by doing so we are giving our brain more stimulus such as new food, new music, new experience..etc. Exposing yourself to the new point of view is pushing yourself to step up your game and force your brain to think differently.

4- Listen to music while you are trying to perform or at work.

According to a study by Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt, there is a scientific connection between music and creativity. Especially;

Classic music, Instrumental music, and Nature sounds.

The music you love or music that calms you down brings forth all the good vibes in you. As a result, you tend to focus on your best qualities and attributes. Inevitably, creativity is coming in during that process.

Because you know why we are getting better at the thins we love? Because we never stop doing them and we never stop thinking more about them. If you want to be more creative in something, always as yourself this question:

“What else I can do ?” or “What more I can do ?” always try to contribute more, try to add more value in everything you are doing.

Relentlessly and Fiercely.