Gravitational Force of Actions

The gravitational force exists in everything in the universe. Bigger the things, the bigger the gravity. The closer the objects to each other, the stronger the gravitational pull, and of course the more distance means weaker gravity.

Don’t worry this is not a science article. I wanted to write a small description of gravity because it's related to the topic that I am going to break down.


we are all doing things, think about doing things and we feel about the things we have had or going to have. They all have certain gravitational forces. The only thing is, in those situations I have written above, they attract the other things of their kind. When we are doing something, that action will call similar actions to them. It's very similar to the Law of Attraction. But the difference is, you are manifesting everything on your own when you choose to do things. In Law of Attraction, it states mostly about the power of your thoughts. Imagine combining these 2 concepts together. Sounds delightful, isn’t it? Doing things that are good for you and align with your goals, and putting good thoughts into them, and believe them. Even though writing about it is making me feel good already.

I’d like to share something called “Happiness action plan” in visual.

Doesn't matter if you do all of them or a few of them they will attract other activities that will help you to build yourself up. In order to attract good, you need to do good and have good thoughts in your mind as well.

I don’t know if you are already doing them or know about the concepts above but some of them are really powerful.

Giving is one of my favorite.

Doing things for others is an amazing feeling. Causing someone else happiness or doing good to someone else with nothing to gain. Also, if you can empower others, that's even better. You will feel you are part of something great and by helping others you will feel stronger.

Resilience is also one of them.

Mark Manson, the author of “The Subtle art of not giving a fu*k” and “Everything is fu*cked” describes generating happiness is hidden under solving problems and overcoming difficulties. This is one of my favorite ones as well. When you start to overcome difficulties, you will want to get rid of some more. That feeling will attract other good feelings and other good actions.


Martin Seligman developed a model called the PERMA model.

He is stating that the model is designed to lead a more fulfilling and happier life.

If you want to read further for that model, here is a link.

Commit and be about what you want to attract into your life.