Good Morning

It’s a nice morning. You just woke up and got out of the bed. Headed to your Kitchen. You wanted to brew some nice coffee before anything. First things first. Checking your clock every here in there. There is a whole day ahead of you. Regardless of its a day off, a weekend, or just a regular workday, you know that its nothing but another opportunity. Another chance to work on something. Another chance to make a “day 1” of something. Day 1 of a new workout plan, Day 1 of a new book, Day 1 of a new plant to water.

Coffee is there ready. There is a small catching up you need to do while you enjoy that pot. Either read or watch something worthy. 10–15 minutes or so.

Without stretching its not even morning is it? Let’s stretch it out. Mind your breathing too. Inhale and exhale. Slowly.

Let’s pick some nice clothes now. We all gotta go to the office or meetings or breakfast clubs right. Doesn’t matter what you are going to do. Mentality: Dress good, Feel good. If you haven’t picked some items already from the previous night, I wish you the best of luck, my dear spontaneous reader.

Good to go?

Oh Before you go, stand for just a minute and remind yourself how lucky and blessed you are for everything you have got and every people you have got by your side. Stop and realize for a second how far you have gone so far. You come a long way reader. Give yourself some credit. Surely not done yet.

As Walter Hagen once said;

“You are only here for a short visit. Don’t worry, Don’t hurry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”.

Have an amazing day Reader. Give your best, and treat yourself with care.

Physically be good, mentally be even better.

That was all. Now you can get out.

Let’s get it, Reader!