Giving in or Keep Pushing it?

An interesting title isn't lt? But What is that mean?


This question struck me while I was doing yoga the other day. The platform I am following has numerous good Yoga instructors, and I am a regular of 2 of them. Can't really say why. I have been doing their classes while they were less popular and I stuck around. I am kinda like that with my habits you know. If I am into a series, I tend to watch them multiple times, I read and listen to the same celebs and columnists ..etc. You got that the point. I also intend to listen to what they say and try to apply. You can say it is sort of a comfort zone.

I know right now you be like: ‘Come to the F***ing point’.

Gee relax…

So, at the end of that yoga class, The instructor said “Give in and surrender”. That got me thinking ever since then. How do I know when I should be surrender to the things? Because what she said is the opposite of my mentality. I have always tried to build my entire mindset as “Keep Pushing”. And after I have heard that I found myself in a Dilemma. Is it wrong to push and push harder each day? Should I just let things be? Going with the flow? It's arguable of course and that can differ from one topic to another. But when you adopt a mentality it is kinda applied to all of you and everything you are dealing with. If you are stubborn, persistent, and in love with the idea of winning, your brain works like that for a lot of things. That's like a structure the brain develops by itself. Really.

The other day, I have come across the most intriguing comparison between the human and lobster brains. Did you know that when a lobster loses a fight they feel so humiliated and bad that their brain transforms itself into a loser brain? It lets go of the brain of a top dog and develops another one that fits for a loser. Apparently, a very similar scenario happens to humans as well when they fail or lose against something or someone. So if you get used to winning, it's a challenge to adopt the mentality of being surrender and give in to things. Vice versa, if you get used to losing, then you need to adopt the “Keep Pushing” mentality.

I have finally come to a realization. One of the things I have learned over the years after shit loads of blogs and books and experiences is that I should just allow myself to spend time and fight for things I can change and/or Influence. Picking which battles to fight and channel your focus and energy onto them. Very effective.

So, if it's outside of that territory I basically just let it be. Whatever. A few years back I was much more willing to put up a fight. Now I won't even bother. It's so good. I totally recommend it.

So in my case, I will push if it's something I can change or influence.

If not, I will just give in and surrender and let things be as the yoga instructor suggested.

Well, maybe listen to some Soul music and have some Wine as well.

Cheerio then


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