There is a great opportunity is knocking on the door. The lost time has given back to almost all of us. What is lost time? The activities we are doing neither necessarily beneficial to us nor something we can consider as quality time. We do need time off, disconnect for a short period of time to revitalize and take some rest and fuel our motivation back, and get back to hustle again. But now, in given circumstances, we have more time on our hands. We don't need to create time and space to hold ourselves down to take a break. On the contrary, we do need to use the extra time to find opportunities to improve ourselves. Be better at something we are good at or find something entirely different and start to be good at that thing.

No worries, I am going to break down the whole thing. Stick with me here.

While I was making research for this article. I came across a very interesting and admirable person. His name is Robert “Bob” Pozen. In this blog, I cant write down what he does and what he is all about but let me tell you this. He is an MIT professor, an independent director of AMC and Nielsen, senior advisor to the consulting firm Oliver Wyman, Prolific author (he writes articles for New York Times and Harvard Business Review and also he published 2 books and the 3rd one is coming up this Spring). The cherry on top, He serves as a chairman of the Leadership of the Tax Policy Center. Oh, by the way, he is 74 years old. Way to go youngin.

Down the road, in this blog, you will hear more from him.

There are 2 different scenarios in this one. Those are if you are trying to focus and achieve your goals by yourself or If you are working and trying to achieve things with a team.

Usually; what is recommended is, focus on what do you do the best and go with it. Especially when it comes to your skills set. Play on your strengths.

When it comes to the team format though, you might need to take your best skills to the best side and do what your organization and your team need the most. You are probably more likely to succeed if you look around, pay attention, and determine how you can be the most useful.

Ambitious to have a tendency to stay late every night. It arises from the perception of more hours spent on the task equals more value-added. There is a positive correlation most of the time if we remain productive and stay focused on all those times we are putting the work in. But if that's not the case, then we should focus on the results we are providing. Giving 80% for 4 hours is better to give 50% for 6 hours.

In other words, quality over quantity.

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the volume of reading and writing we have to do because of our jobs and businesses. With all those business materials and all those tabs on our browsers. To speed up, we should be very clear in our own minds about why we are reading.

Bob Pozen suggests that “To remember from something important you have read, write down 1–2 paragraphs about what you want to remember. After that, go back and read again and see how you could read more efficiently to obtain those paragraphs.”

With something to write something long or something shorter like an email, we should know where we will end up before we start. We need to figure out our arguments. After that, we should compose an outline before writing.

Be a boring person in the morning. Figure out what to eat for breakfast and what to wear for work the night before. Former US president Barrack Obama would travel with a few blue suits and Bob Pozen would always eat the same things in the breakfast. A banana and a bowl of cold cereal. This is to reduce decision making time in the mornings.

We need to keep moving forward and get better in every aspect that we find essential. No matter where and how we have to keep it up.

I hope you find this article useful.

As usual, I have tried to bring up the best I could.


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