Diminish Some Of Yourself For Yourself

Sounds weird right? Just hang in there with me for a second. What am I going to explain is going to make a lot of sense. Why diminish yourself? How could it be good? Why you should do it? Because if you want to change or improve something in you, you need to eliminate or diminish some of the things in you. You can’t create or add before you make space for them right?

Think like this, you want to buy a couch for your house and you already have a couch there. What do you need that for? Either throw it away and buy a new one or buy a single-seater or a chair or something like that to complement what's already existed.

You cant be caring and reckless at the same time. You either disciplined or laidback. You either stubborn or easy-going. You know there is something very interesting. When you embrace one of the concepts, it influences you and awakens the other feelings that are related to others. If you want to be disciplined, for instance, you will awake ambition in you, you will awake competitiveness and more hard work in you. One match on fire, will lit up the others. So, whatever you choose good or bad, it will bring similar feelings and emotions alongside with them.

So, if you want or pursue a change, make sure you understand you have to let somethings go inside of you. Don't be scared to do so. At the end of the day, you know yourself the best compare to all the other people in your life. So, if you think you have to change or add/eliminate something in you. You gotta be aware of those things you need to eliminate. Stay woke! You cant have it all.

Do it for yourself first.

No matter what you choose to keep or let go, keep that one thing with you.

Which is, that kick-ass smile of yours.