Dearest Couples; Fierce lovers, partners in crimes… I wanted the right this article for the ones who are spending a lot of time at home due to this extraordinary and hard times. (There is beauty in hardship tho right?). If you can really manage this process well and balanced, I guarantee your relationship will last forever. You know why? Because during this time, you are learning deeper parts of your partner, the purest yet most complicated parts of them. You are looking at the big picture and experiencing the small details at the same time. Also, you are learning to be a better friend, a better company, a better lover..etc. In that, you should always approach your partner with respect and care. Even though sometimes they seem like they don’t. So, I strongly suggest you be aware of that and try to take this time as an opportunity to make your relationship stronger.

Okay, good Pep talk. Let’s get into it now. Shall we?

1) Learn to do activities together:

As a couple, in time you adapt to each other and your activities even each other’s favorite places. Remember that mentality? We always take a deep breath and tried to put ourselves into places and activities that we haven’t tried before or we might even have thought we would never do. Same in this situation. The only difference is, you likely might try to do something together which you both could be trying for the first time. Activities I recommend;

  • Practice Yoga for Two: Practicing yoga together has great benefits for your relationship. It’s increasing your romantic attraction and you can feel an increase in relationship quality because you are sharing a meaningful experience. You also build trust and increase your communication with your partner. Because during the practice, literally and metaphorically you need to lean on each other.
  • Play video games together: Ladies, this is one of the best things that you can give to your significant other. A lot of guys like video games. online or not. It’s one of our escape time from stress and distracts ourselves. If you guys can find a game to play together would be amazing. here are some recommendations girls prefer to play: Tomb Raider, Overwatch, Horizon zero dawn. If you want to challenge yourself with 2K games or FIFA. Feel free to challenge yourself, ladies.
  • Fix something in the house together if nothing needs to get fixed, clean the house together: I think by now you understood where I am going with this aren’t you? I am trying to encouraging you to do activities as a team. You should do things collectively and the mindset to complete each other. Building that feeling of a team member has a huge role in committed, serious relationships. You need to take the person next to you as more than a lover. They should be a companion, a co-caption of your boat, and Robin to your Batman. (okay sometimes Harley Quinn too).

Ps: Don’t ever dare to watch an episode without them. That’s cheating people.

3) Give space to each other when it’s needed:

Its time to hold on to each other and be a better version of ourselves. It’s easy to so say it so don’t just say it. Do it, show it, be about it. These times are the times that either going to tear you apart or make your a better, stronger couple.

Actions Actions Actions


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