Are you pursuing the right goal?

This is the question that probably occurs to all of us quite frequently. Short term goals, long term goals, ultimate goals.. etc.In both Work-life and personal life. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly(New year resolutions ie). It can be hard sometimes to figure them out. But spend time thinking about it and putting actions into it, is the right mindset if we want to become better in the situations that matter to us.

The question is: Are we pursuing the right goals for us?

I will suggest 2 ways to do find out.

The first one is, separate your goals to Final Goals and Performance Goals.

Ie: Final goal might be ’I want to run a marathon’ and the Performance goal helps you to achieve the final goal right? So it might be ’ I will go run for 30 minutes a day’. In this case, if this is the right goal for you, there is hope that you can do it, it is challenging and it is motivating you to work on it. Keep in mind to follow the ground rule when establishing your goal.

KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid.) If you think this is no compelling enough to hear, this smart fellow called Albert Einstein has a quote about it;

“Everything should be made as simple as possible.But no simpler”

Now the second option is a little more extensive and more solid in my opinion. Regardless, its dealer’s choice. So the second way that I will suggest goes through a Model called ‘John Whitmore Model’.

In this model, when you established a goal, there are 14 requirements you need to check whether it correlates. They are;

Always track your progress and revisit the requirements

No matter what goal you set; Remember,

They have to be challenging and motivating.

As an additional tip; write down your goals and put them somewhere visible where you can see them often so your eyes will glance over them frequently and giving you a gentle subliminal reminder.

I hope you all find this article beneficial.


I like write about motivational topics.