Appreciate The Passion Even If It's Not Delivered Right

Enthusiasm is the first step when we encounter something or someone we come across. Willing to put additional interest, making sacrifices and willing to take extra steps if its necessary. Enthusiasm is the building block. If the enthusiasm pays off or if we are getting positive reinforcement out of it, Enthusiasm starts to blossom to the Passion. Once the transformation is completed, we can actually observe and realize the change in us. Because when we become passionate, we start to explore more,discover more and experiment more. The process have to be like that, its not open to interpretation. Because of common human nature.

Once we are making progress in something, we want to learn more, accomplish more, seeking new challenges, engaging in creative thinking about it and develop skills to make progress. If its for a hobby or for a career related situation, we will keep developing and seeking new ways to get better. If its involving a person, a friend or a lover, both parties are seeking ways to get better with each other and seeking continues improvement.

So, the frustrations and the bad part of the passion kicks in when we realize the improvement is not happening anymore. When we cant find ways to get better, if we cant explore more, this creates confusion and maybe demotivation and frustration. Thats when our passion starts to wear us off. In those times its hard to keeping the stability. Hard to getting out of that frustration.

In those times, what we think we are doing and what we think our saying its not the same as how others understand us. So what we deliver to them might be different than what we think.

But no matter what what it is about. Passion is something that needs to be appreciated. Passion is a very strong emotion someone can develop. Its not something you can encounter very frequently. Hard to manage, hard to handle but its inspirational. Its like a hurdle run. a lot of different hurdles in every jump.

Whomever you see or meet with someone carrying that sparkle appreciate it. Because they wanted to light a nice bonfire whatever the end results have happened. Appreciation will be the wind to that sparkle which its desparetly needed.

Dont forget, a lot of great things became possible because some smart people was passionate about their interests or work.


I like write about motivational topics.