A new beginning is only another beginning

Such a Rollercoaster year this year was right? With Goods and Bads, Ups and Downs. We endured we fought through and we adapted to new conditions. Despite all, we still went on and on. We have experienced a lot this year. In a lof ways, we all showed a lot of kindness and goodness in my opinion. We all supported people, communities, small businesses, pressing issues. Social media, through donations, through word of mouth. No matter how big or how small, we did it.

It's also a reminder to us that time is something we don't have.

Now that we are wrapping up the year, I have realized a lot of people are making a huge deal out of year-end. A lot of people are going for “New Year Resolutions” and “To-do list for the year”. “Gonna be my new year”..etc.I am going to give it straight. I don't understand that concept one little bit. What happens at the end of the 31st? The new year starts. If that formula works for you, keep doing it. Give your 100% to it. But why wait until the year-end though? Every day we wake up is another opportunity, isn't it? Not just to start something new but also become better at something we are already doing.

We don't need to wait until new years to start working out, we don't need to decide on the last week of December to be more patient with others or work on ourselves. We don't need to start eating better as of the 1st of January.

We can go hard on what we fight for, show care, and love for our people, be good, be better, strive for greatness any day we want and choose.

Regardless of your mentality in this, it's important to stay on the course from my point of view. Remain loyal to your goals and ambitions. Don't wait for another important date in the calendar to do what you want to do, what you want to give, and what you want to show.

I want to make a quotation from Kobe Bryant.

In his book “Mamba Mentality”, There is a chapter he wrote about Big shots. It's something he is always known for. Making big shots at the end of the games.

I want to give this as an example because it's correlated.

So he explained as follows:

“People make a huge deal out of big shots. The thing is it's just one shot. If you make a thousand shots a day, it's just one of a thousand. What is one more? That's was my mentality from day one.”

How does it correlate? He takes a big shot as just another shot. Even though it is a game-winning shot! It's Because of an important day it's still another day. If you show similar care, intensity, or motivation on other days, altogether they will make a difference. Not just getting all hyped up for a short while and then in time doing less and less.

But one way or another, we have completed another year around the sun. If you will change something in you start from tomorrow and keep that going. I am happy for you.

Last but not least, I want to thank you to the ones who are taking the time for reading my articles.

I appreciate that.

At the end of each year, Google shares a video that summarizes what we have all been through. I strongly recommend you to take a look to remember how was this year besides Covid-19.

Click here to watch.

Happy New Years to you all